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By registering yourself on this site, you are deemed to agree with all policies stated here. The registration is on voluntary basis but it is recommended when a purchase is to be made. All personal information including credit card details provided to us will be kept confidential and will not be shared or sold to any other parties except with written consent from the user.

Selling Price

All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice. While every effort is taken to ensure accuracy of the selling price published on this website, we reserve the right to amend it whenever any error is discovered.


As Puzzles direct continually strives to improve quality of its products some items may differ slighlty from those illustrated. All products are subject to availability. In particular the colours of the laser cut wooden puzzles may vary with each item.

Sales Promotion

Prices quoted are valid for promotion period only.


All orders are processed online. Pick item(s) you wanted to buy by clicking "Add To Cart" button. Uncompleted orders are saved into "Shopping Cart" and will be accessible to you next time you login.


Payment for purchases are to be made in full in the form of cheque, credit card transaction, bank direct deposit ransfer, over-the-counter transfer, on-line internet transfer or similar.

In the case where money transfer is done out of Puzzles direct site, the user is responsible to provide payment details to Puzzles direct promptly. Delays in the delivery may result if this is not followed.

An order which remain unpaid after 7 days will be cancelled and deleted.

User may also use Reward Points awarded under their account to pay in full or part-payment if available.

Bank Transfer

This applies to direct deposit over-the-counter money transfer, ATM, internet banking or similar. Buyer is responsible to inform Puzzles direct of a succesful money transfer complete with appropriate details. Delivery will not be initiated without these information.

Credit Card Transactions

We apply strict rules on security and privacy of credit card information. All transactions will be done online and realtime under secured SSL environment. We do not keep credit card details (name, number and expiry date) in any form, anywhere.



Refund or replacement may be entertained in cases where the goods are found NOT to be "As Per Description". Requests for refund or replacement shall be made within 30 days from order date as printed on invoice.

Refund amount shall be the cash amount paid for the product(s) only. Other costs such as shipping and handling shall not be refunded.

If Reward Points were used to pay for the order, only cash amount paid can be refunded. RPs used to pay for the order is considered to be for the returned item(s) first. Only cash amount balance(if any) to make up the total amount paid will be refunded. Equal amount of RP will be credited back into user's account.

It is necessary for the buyer to obtain our written approval in the form of Return Material Authorisation No. (RMA#) prior to returning of any goods.

Delivery Cost

Price for items does not include delivery cost. Buyer is to pay for all cost of the shipment ex-works (EXW). Shipping and handling costs payable to us will be displayed during check-out process.

If we discover that the shipping charges is inaccurately computed by our system, we reserve the right to charge the correct amount after consultation with the buyer. If no agreement is reached, the order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued.

Other Charges and Documentations

We do deliver to worldwide destinations. However all other charges to importing goods especially across-borders are to be borne by the buyer. Similarly, all necessary documents required by the authorities will have to be arranged by the buyer too. We only provide order form document which is generated during sales transaction. This document can be printed out from our website or use the confirmation email sent to you.


Please read our delivery terms here.

Reward Points Program

This is our way of saying Thank You to all our loyal customers. Amount of reward point awarded will be based on rates which is subject to change from time to time. Current reward scheme details can be found here.

The account holder are eligible to redeem products from Puzzles direct based on redemption points accumulated. Points collected from current purchase are redeemable only for the next and subsequent purchase(s).

Reward points are not exchangeable with cash nor it is transferable.

We reserve the right to withdraw this scheme, remove or make amendments to bonus point total, or withhold points from being redeemed.

Other Services

Other services such as forum, blog, chat etc may be provided from time to time to add value for the users of this website. By using these services, a user shall agree to abide by our terms and conditions by not abusing the priviledge such as posting malicious contents, pornographic or similar nature. We reserve the absolute right to remove any user found unsuitable to participate in our services without having to provide any reasons.

Postings made by a user are purely his/her opinions and not in any way representing Puzzles direct viewpoints nor are we responsible for those contents.


It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the accuracy of the testimony submitted to us for publication on our website. All published testimonies become solely our property and shall not be published anywhere else in any form without our permission.

Please use the "Contact Us" form with word "Testimony" in subject header for submission.


Any frauds attempted on this site will be dealt with appropriately and reported to the relevant authorities.


We are not liable to any loss or injury resulting from using this website or its products and services.

Changes to Policies

Puzzles direct reserve the absolute right to change these policies whenever necessary and without notices.


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